Design, copywriting, prepress and production of high quality catalogs and brochures

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Kennedy Catalogs is a team of professionals with years of experience designing and producing upscale catalogs. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality available at extremely competitive prices. Let our experience, efficiency and attention to detail improve the quality of your next printed piece while lowering your costs.

We provide the following services:

  • Print and paper purchasing and management
  • Competitive print and paper bid analysis
  • Image manipulation and color matching
  • Page RIPs and Kodak Matchprint (Epson) press proofs
  • Catalog page design and production
  • Image storage
  • Image conversion for use on web site
  • Press check/color OK

Please contact us today to discuss your next catalog, brochure or print/paper bid.

Mailing Address:

Kennedy Catalogs, LLC
600 Kennedy Trails
Cincinnati, OH 45255


Improved Images Mean Improved Catalog Sales

Allow us to increase your sales for the same cost, or less, than you are already paying for your color work.

Below is an example of an image before and after we improved its appearance. Please CLICK HERE to view more examples.

before image after image

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